Chicken Wings

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Bar Bill Tavern

Classic Buffalo wings

In Buffalo, we just call them Chicken Wings. This isn’t a delicacy around these parts; many eat this local dish on a weekly basis. When people visit Buffalo, it’s almost a given that they are going to find a place to eat chicken wings. The following wing crawl contains a mixture of popular restaurants and some local hidden gems. The majority of the crawl takes place in the city of Buffalo. Travel to Allentown to visit Anchor Bar (of course we included it), the West Side to La Nova (grab some pizza too), South Buffalo for the most unique takes on the classic traditional sauce at Nine Eleven Tavern and Doc Sullivan’s or North Buffalo for great hot wings at Kelly’s Korner. Looking for some destination wing spots? You can take a drive out to East Aurora for Bar Bill Tavern or head north to Amherst for Duff’s.

I’ve only listed seven locations to grab wings but if you ask any local, they will tell you their favorite. Every neighborhood has a local pizzeria or dive bar that serves really good wings. These seven have something special but if you’re really in a bind just ask a stranger on the street, they won’t steer you wrong either.

— Donnie Burtless (@Buffalo Eats)