Currently Obsessed With

The Little Club


“For a sweet finish to a meal that has left you craving dessert, Buffalo’s Little Club has invented the perfect answer. Vanilla panna cotta with lemon, honey and a sprinkling of toffee bits. At $12, the creamy, tart, pudding-y meal finale with some good crunch is as big as a side plate. It’s enough to share with the table. And so good it’s also fine to ask for one spoon and keep every bite for yourself. 

A key to its scrumptiousness is a secret ingredient. But first, the obvious. Here’s how a friend put it on a recent evening as she tried it for the first time as we sat on Little Club’s sidewalk patio. 

‘Oh my god, it’s delicious!!’ When pressed for more detail, she elaborated. ‘I think it’s this surprising combination of sweet and tart. It’s got this silky-smooth sweetness.’ And then there’s that secret tang.  This version of the famous cold Italian custard is lemony yet so distinct, in an addicting, I-want-another-bite way, that there’s a mystery. Could there be something besides citrus stirred in?”

Michelle Kearns, Communications Manager for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Toasted’s Toast Flight


“We’ve all heard of a tasting flight. Can’t decide what to order? Just get a flight! From breweries to cafés, flights are being embraced just about everywhere. However, there’s one flight that I haven’t stopped thinking about: The “toast flight” at Toasted in Larkinville. Toasted by Buffalo Beauty Foodie offers quite an array of toast creations, making it tough to choose just one. From toast topped with smashed avocados to thick blueberry goat cheese, creamy almond butter and more, Toasted has a hefty supply of choices for carb lovers of all types. I’m constantly torn between the pesto toast, the peanut butter crunch toast and the cutecumber toast, just to name a few. Thankfully, on Sundays, the toast flight melts all those worries away.  This option allows you to select four different types of delicious, loaded toast, making it the ultimate sampling experience. Whether you’re ordering as a group, or just want to treat yourself to a scrumptious meal of toast, the toast flight patiently awaits. “

– Kate Scaduto, Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Visit Buffalo Niagara

Mojo Market


“If your weekday mornings are spent in the office with a cup of mediocre coffee and leftover bagels from yesterday’s staff meeting, your Saturday morning breakfast needs to up its game. My quest for quality AM eats leads me to Mojo Market in the village of Kenmore. Everything about the place is obsession-worthy whether it’s the smells of the fresh baked sourdough, the sight of every wrap, latte or baked good that funnels out of the kitchen or most importantly, the incredible taste of their grilled breakfast wrap. I’ve had breakfast wraps elsewhere that overload the egg letting the other ingredients fade to the background, but Mojo’s grilled breakfast wrap has all of the ingredients singing in perfect harmony. The mozzarella is creamy and oozy, the pesto adds that quick hit of brightness to remind your tastebuds that it’s time to wake up and then that garlic aioli brings it all home. Couple that with a cup of coffee from one of their featured local purveyors and it’s breakfast magic.”

– Karen Fashana, Senior Director of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Symposium Wine Bar Meatballs


“Red sauce and meatballs. Order those at a restaurant? Never. That’s an unwritten rule in my Italian family. Fill up on the alfredo. Knock yourself out with the marsala. Indulge in the carbonara, but never the red sauce. Enter the ‘Meatballs & Ricotta’ from Symposium Wine Bar in the village of Lancaster. After 42 years, I broke the rule. Maybe my moment of weakness came as I sipped a glass of Symposium’s Washington Cabernet or maybe my curiosity was piqued by the combination of warm sauce-covered meatballs and cool, creamy ricotta. Either way, it happened and after one bite, regret didn’t even cross my mind. The beef/pork blend makes for a tender and flavorful meatball. The marinara is bright and fresh. The ricotta is as smooth and decadent as it can get, and the shaved parmesan adds a sharp, salty note. One combined spoonful of the four and I guarantee you’re “ossessionata.” Sorry not sorry, Nonna.”

– Karen Fashana, Senior Director of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Butter Block Almond Croissant


“We call this feature “Currently Obsessed With,” but I don’t see my obsession with Butter Block’s almond croissants ending any time soon. It’s gotten to the point where it’s not Saturday morning if I can’t get my fix of this flaky, buttery crescent oozing with sweet and creamy almond paste. A quick Google search turns up the fact that the origins of the croissant can be traced back to 13th century Vienna. So it’s pretty cool that the ultimate version of this legendary baked good can now be found on Buffalo’s West Side. That’s right, what generations of French and Austrian pastry chefs have been laboring to perfect for hundreds of years has never been done better than in Butter Block’s modest home in the city’s Five Points neighborhood. If you go, be prepared — the line can get kind of long. Seems I’m not the only one who can’t live without this pastry perfection.”

– Ed Healy, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Dark Forest Chocolates


“I had never heard of Lancaster’s Dark Forest Chocolate Makers before receiving a few of their chocolate bars for Christmas last year. Lucky guy, right? So, I had no idea what I was about to experience as I unwrapped a delightfully decorated packet of Dark Madagascar 65% chocolate. I hope the chocolate’s as good as the art direction, I remember thinking. Then, the first bite and my mind raced, looking for the right words to describe the experience, and all I could come up with was, “Who are these guys?!” Well, JoAnne and Dan Sundell are small batch artisanal chocolatiers with a tiny shop in the heart of the village of Lancaster. The Sundells take chocolate seriously, sourcing the highest quality cacao from around the world, understanding the subtleties that its place of origin imparts, and being attentive to the conditions under which the beans they are purchasing are picked. Apparently, Dark Forest has been earning international awards for its chocolate for the last five years – unbeknownst to this chocolate lover who is now obsessed with their sophisticated, subtle, unforgettable locally-made chocolate. This Christmas, I know what I’ll what I’ll be giving to everyone on my list.”

– Ed Healy, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Cookies & Cream S’mores Sundae


“If your taste buds are anything like mine, ice cream has no season. That is exactly what makes Cookies and Cream on Elmwood such a game changer. At any time of the year, I can stroll into this dessert paradise, and I’m surrounded by the comforting aroma of fresh cookies and expansive display cases filled with ice cream, cakes, and cookies that I could effortlessly devour for any and every occasion. My heart skips a beat when a server behind the counter asks, “how about you give our s’mores sundae a try?” You know what happens next. I’m holding a bowl that can barely handle the weight of such an impressive signature sundae. With its melty s’more cookie, graham cracker topping, and mini marshmallows scattered about, it’s clear a s’more will never have the same meaning again.”

– Kate Scaduto, Marketing & Social Media Specialist at Visit Buffalo Niagara

Blue Table Chocolates


“When it comes to food Buffalo does a lot of things right. Savory charbroiled hot dogs. Freshly sliced roast beef sandwiches. Perfectly sauced wings. A classic Friday fish fry. I could go on. So I will. Buffalo’s also got some serious chocolate chops and great chocolate shops. Food writers Jane and Michael Stern once called Buffalo, ‘America’s best candy city,’ in a @roadfood .com website review. High praise indeed. But Buffalo can walk that talk. You can find top notch confectioners everywhere you look — my sweet tooth has taken me from Kenmore to Lancaster to South Buffalo to satisfy my chocolate cravings. But I’m currently obsessed with a relative newcomer to Buffalo’s candy competition – Blue Table Chocolates. Located in a lovely little shop in the city’s Larkinville Neighborhood, Blue Table makes gourmet artisan truffles that are beyond my powers of description. The finest chocolate combined with seasonal ingredients results in delectable treats with names like Coconut Earl Gray, Strawberry Champagne, Orange Blossom Cheesecake and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Chocolatier Ben Johnson says Blue Table has ‘an insatiable desire to push flavor and texture boundaries.’ If that’s their goal, Blue Table is already hitting the sweet spot.”

– Ed Healy, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Solo Eats Suicide Burger


“The Solo Suicide Burger from Solo Eats at Jefferson Avenue and East Ferry Street in Buffalo isn’t the kind of burger you eat with one hand — it is a BEAST! My first bite of the Suicide Burger wowed me. After the second bite, I started texting friends and family. What makes this burger so flavorful and good? Solo Eats Manager Steve explained they prepare their own meat seasoning and each burger is hand packed — no patties at this burger joint. The burgers marinate in seasonings until cooked over an open pit, charbroiled for 25 minutes. So, if you love a burger that will show up in your dreams – trust me, order from Solo Eats. Oh, and the Solo Banger Fries – make sure you add them to your order. These fries are ketchup’s soulmate.”

– Lori White, Outreach & Engagement Coordinator at Buffalo Manufacturing Works

Frank French Fries


“Everybody loves fries. And most people have pretty strong opinions about their favorite fries. They may be the fries they grew up with at the hot dog stand around the corner. Or the fries you get out on the lakeshore every August. Skinny fries. Curly fries. Sweet potato fries. Everyone has an opinion. Well, here’s mine: Buffalo’s best french fries can be found just across the city line in Kenmore at @findfranknow. These are fries that are cut fresh daily and fried until they achieve a perfect level of crispiness – no soft or soggy fries here – just crispy enough to leave a welcome helping of broken ends and tasty bits to finish up at the bottom of your order. There are several dips available for those with sophisticated palates, but for me, ketchup works just fine. Go to Frank’s for the delectable dogs, but stay for the to-die-for fries.”

– Ed Healy, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Lexington Co-op Markets Flourless Chocolate Cake


“As the temperature cools and ice cream season ebbs, my sweet tooth turns its attention back to Buffalo’s baked goods — the creamy carrot cakes, chewy chocolate chip cookies, Instagrammable cupcakes and crumb-topped apple pies that are our just desserts, particularly in the time of Covid-19. We’ve earned these calories, folks!

And while tasty treats can be found in neighborhoods both suburban and city, my go-to treat that’s also extremely easy on the wallet is the Lexington Coop’s scratch-made flourless chocolate cake. Years of research have shown that the Coop nails this recipe each and every time – a dependably rich, moist, decadently dark chocolate cake that’s Buffalo’s best dessert deal at $8.99.”

– Ed Healy, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Resurgence Brewing Co. Circle the Wagons Pilsner


“Holy &*@#$, the Bills are really, really good.

If there were ever a reason to pop a top and celebrate, this is it, #BillsMafia. As I wandered the aisles at Consumers looking for the perfect beverage to fill my victory chalice, my eyes locked in on the red, white and blue cans – Resurgence Brewing’s Circle the Wagons Pilsner.

Part of me thinks I’d be obsessed with it based on the name alone but inside lives 16 oz. of the most fan-friendly beer you could ask for. The pilsner is light enough to let you crush a few during the game but has enough body to remind you not to get too crazy. Let’s save our crazy for the Superbowl parade. Beers on me.”

– Karen Fashana, Senior Director of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Goodrich Coffee


“In the last six months, I’ve gone from a weekend-only Folgers drinker to an every-day-of-the-week local java junkie. My current jam? Goodrich Coffee.

The staff at Goodrich takes all of the pretentiousness out of the coffee-ordering experience, which is clutch for a newbie like myself. I roll up to their Clarence drive-thru, give them my spiel about needing a coffee recommendation that’ll give me a quick jolt to get amped up for remote learning but falls short of making my heart beat out of my chest. I laugh. They laugh and say they know just what I need.

But it takes more than a friendly barista to warrant obsession. The coffee has to be buzzworthy and a cup of their Burundi delivers every time. Smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of giddy up. It’s the kind of coffee you want to cozy up with on a crisp Fall morning and read a book. (But there’s no time for reading…those 1st grade math problems aren’t going to subtract themselves.)”

– Karen Fashana, Senior Director of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Macy’s Place Pizzeria


“When it comes to Buffalonians and their habits for ordering a Buffalo-style pizza, favorites are usually determined by geography.

Being an East Side youth, that was Metro Pizza on Clinton when I was a kid and now, as a West Side adult, La Nova is right around the corner from our house. But there are a handful of pizzerias that’ll make me betray those oaths of cheesy, saucy, cup-n-charred loyalty.

Macy’s Place Pizzeria on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga is one such spot. And being outside of their delivery radius, if their pizza can get me to make a 30-minute round trip to pick up the pies, it must be good.

Sure, they nail the classic cheese-and-pep pizzas, but it’s their endless varieties of creatively-topped “Instagram Pizzas” that elevated Macy’s to local social-media stardom. When I’ve got a craving, the Sativa Sunrise is my go-to. A doughy crust topped with BBQ chicken fingers (cut the long way, a bold move), fresh sliced jalapeños, curly fries, and a BBQ and honey mustard drizzle punch me a one-way ticket aboard the Food Coma Express. So what that I can only handle one monster slice per noshing session – Macy’s Place leftovers are the best leftovers.”

– Drew Brown, Director of Media & Content Strategy for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Lake Effect Ice Cream’s Sponge Candy Ice Cream


“Where has this ice cream been all my life? OK, that’s a bit dramatic. Let me rephrase the question:  Where has it been since Lake Effect opened on Hertel Avenue three years ago? Right in front of me? On the giant chalkboard menu? Waiting in the freezer case behind the counter? Yeah, all right, it’s been staring me right in the face. I admit it. But I still don’t know how I could have been oblivious to its creamy, chocolatey charms. Unaware, that it would activate my taste buds like practically no other ice cream ever has. Sure, I kind of had a thing for Salty Caramel for a while – quite a while, actually – and I’ve had a couple of flings with Strawberries and Cream, but Sponge Candy, I think this might be the real thing. I just can’t get enough.”

– Ed Healy, Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara