Bootstrapping locals, millennial entrepreneurs and recently resettled immigrants have refreshed Buffalo like a cool Lake Erie breeze. They’ve transformed once-neglected architectural landmarks into tourist attractions and hotels, turned a formerly industrial waterfront into a haven for kayaking, grain silo zip lining and rock climbing; splashed colorful murals on buildings across the city and infused a regional cuisine previously known only for deep fried drumsticks and flats with flavors from around the world.

This renewed enthusiasm will yield several new attractions in 2019: the first blooming in decades of an extensive garden designed by Frank Lloyd Wright at one of the largest homes he ever constructed, the debut of a restored carousel on Buffalo’s waterfront built nearly a century ago in Western New York, as well as the opening of an architecture center within a National Historic Landmark and state-of-the-art children’s museum. Find out more in the story ideas section below of why 2019 will be the best yet for Buffalo.

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