Choose Your Buffalo Adventure

The good news: you're visiting the best-designed city in America, where beauty and innovation can be found in every cornice and frieze.

The bad news: you're going to have a hard time deciding what to see on your trip since there is so much stunning architecture that has been magnificently restored and repurposed!

But dont despair! There's more good news. We made a handy guide to help build your perfect architecturally inspired day.

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If you had to sum up your ideal accommodations in three words they would be:

Classic, Historic, Quaint

Luxurious, Charming, Sophisticated

Stunning, Unexpected, Unique

Views, Opulent, Grand

In the morning, you’d like to:

See as much as possible

Spend time in one place

Be outdoors

Time for lunch. You are:

Ready for coffee and a bite

Looking for urban flair

ISO Wings

All fueled up! Now what?

I have energy to burn

Let’s nurse this food coma

I want to explore on foot

Your ideal dinner place is:

Elegant, Heart of the City

Neighborhood, glimpse of the old Buffalo

Affordable and full of character

How about some nightlife?

Entertain me!

Time for drinks

Classy cocktails

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Morning Activity:


Afternoon Activity:



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