Buffalo Canada


Welcome back, Canadians! For years, you shopped in our malls, traveled out of our airport, attended our sporting events, and enjoyed our city as your nearest faraway place. We’re thrilled to have you back after so long away, and can’t wait to show you what’s new since your last visit. We’ve built up our waterfront, polished off our architectural gems, splashed dozens of murals on buildings across our neighborhoods and opened a host of new restaurants and cafes.

We’re saving a seat for you at Shea’s, a sunset for you along Lake Erie, and a cold one for you at our breweries. Come see what we’ve done with the place and explore our city with fresh eyes. We can’t wait to have you back.

Travel Tips

Crossing into the U.S.

Have questions about what you'll need to cross the border? Read the FAQ for crossing into the U.S. and how to return home to Canada with this guidance.

Getting Tested

One of your favorite stops in Buffalo has made getting a COVID-19 test easy. The Walden Galleria has opened a testing space on the upper level near Macy’s that is administering several types of COVID-19 tests, including the RT-PCR test if you leave Canada for more than 72 hours. For a list of other NYS testing sites, click here: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/find-test-site-near-you

Flying out of BUF

No matter where you’re going, Buffalo Niagara International Airport is a very economical choice. In fact, you might find it a more economical option than flying out of Toronto for your next vacation!

Park & Fly

Why try guessing wait times at the bridge? Drive down the night before, grab a bite to eat, get a restful night’s sleep, park your car up to 14 days and enjoy a shuttle ride to the airport.

Duty Limits

Purchase limits before incurring Canadian duty.



<24 hr


24 - 48 hr


48 hr -
7 days


7+ days