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Lake Effect Ice Cream

Antoinette's Sweets

We don’t have a long ‘ice cream’ season in Western New York; most stands are only open for five or six months a year. Surprisingly, Western New York has numerous ice cream and frozen yogurt businesses that have stood the test of time and re-open each spring – a testament to their quality. Every neighborhood has their own ice cream stand where kids line up in the summer and there are some classic, year-round parlors as well, but these spots below are worth a special trip. From unique and homemade flavors to excellent textures, these six places offer something special.

This Ice Cream Crawl will lead you to several neighborhoods around Western New York. Grab a seat at either Antoinette’s or King Condrell’s and experience the classic ice cream parlor, or go back in time for an egg cream at Jerk’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream. Save time in the summer for Fran-Ceils or Anderson’s freshly made custard or Kone King’s house-made ice cream treats. For a real road trip, head up to Niagara County to experience the most delicious frozen custard at Hibbard’s in Lewiston or a couple miles east to Lake Effect Ice Cream’s shop in Lockport for true ice cream decadence.

– Donnie Burtless (@BuffaloEats)