Sponge Candy

Sponge Candy

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Sponge filling being turned into Buffalo's favorite sweet treat!

There are several theories on how sponge candy became one of Buffalo’s many claims to fame. One thing is for certain – there’s a ton of BuffaLove for the airy, crunchy-yet-creamy, sweet confection that Buffalonians have called their own since the early 1900s. So much love, in fact, that there’s even a National Sponge Candy Day celebrated annually in Buffalo on September 21.

What makes up this sweet treat, on the surface, seems pretty simple – caramelized sugar spun into a light, airy honeycomb and covered in melted chocolate. But take a deeper dive into the sponge candy realm and you’ll soon realize that each chocolatier takes an incredible amount of time and care in perfecting their recipes. From the actual sponge-making to secret chocolate recipes, to hand vs. machine-dipped, there are distinct methods to the deliciousness.

It seems like you can find sponge candy in retailers on nearly every Western New York corner but here’s nine that do it really well: