Must-Have Items for the Buffalo Bills Tailgate

By Charlie Fashana

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Alright folks. The countdown is on. Soon, the Bills will burst out of the tunnel at Highmark Stadium to the cheers of thousands of screaming fans!

While the hype for this team is high, I assure you the best tailgating in the country remains the same! So pull out the coolers, grills and chairs. Make the rounds to Wegmans, Consumers and your favorite butcher.

And as you prepare, remember that your tailgate, no matter how large or small, need only be concerned about the three major components: FOOD, DRINK & FUN.


The tangy, vinegary taste of Chiavetta’s chicken marinade, the crispy skin of chargrilled Sahlen’s Hot Dog’s, the classic, spicy flavor of a Mineo & Sapio sausage. These are the flavors of Buffalo. Make sure to grab some Costanzo’s rolls, too.

Bison Dip – There’s French onion dip and then there’s Bison dip. Pick the agent to consume this cool, creamy dip – chips, pretzels, veggies, your hands. Whatever works.

Weber’s Mustard & Frank’s Hot Sauce – The sinus-clearing taste of Weber’s is perfect to top off your Mineo & Sapio sausage and Sahlen’s dog. The Frank’s is ideal on your wings, but as their motto says, “I put that $#!t on everything”.

Chicken Wings & Original Pizza Logs – If you have access to a portable deep fryer, then these are a must. Sure you know and love the classic Buffalo wing, but Original Pizza Logs are a local sleeper. Think of it as a crispy, flaky pizza egg roll *chef’s kiss*.


Coffee. You’re going to need a jolt to get ready for some patented Bills early-morning tailgating. And then a little pick-me-up following all the “Shout” song singalongs. Fill a thermos with some Tim Horton’s, or something a bit stronger from one of our local cafes, for your caffeine fix.

Beer. Show your stripes with the Labatt Blue cans, Community Beer Works ‘Lets Go Pils’ pilsner, Big Ditch Brewing Company‘s ‘Make Me Wanna Stout’, and Thin Man Brewery‘s ‘Pills Mafia’ pilsner.

Water. Be responsible, have a few brews and then make the switch to that good ol’ H2O.


Any variety of corn hole (preferably decked out in Bills colors) or washers game will work, but remember Buffalo invented the best frisbee game in the world – Kan-Jam. Friendly reminder, Buffalo’s house rules require a drink in-hand.

A football. You’ve got to play some catch or some two-hand touch before the game. Your performance here almost assuredly determines the outcome of the Bills game.

A playlist of the Bills “Shout” song to play on repeat from your car.Sure the Isley Brothers version will do in a pinch, but the Scott Kemper version is the “true” one – a staple of the Buffalo-area wedding reception.

And it’s as simple as that. Wagons circled. Go Bills!

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