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Community Beer Works

We’re a 1.5 bbl brewery: that’s one and a half barrels, or about 47 US gallons, per batch. We brew on a three burner Psychobrew system using Stout kettles.

Generally we do a double batch every brewday. We have six 1.5 bbl stainless and two 3 bbl plastic fermenters. This is the limiting factor for our capacity: we could brew night and day, but you have to have somewhere to put the beer. We also have two 3 bbl brite tanks, further increasing our capacity: after a double batch is done fermenting we can put it in one of our brite tanks for clarification and carbonation while we brew another batch.

(Our clarification methods start and end with crash cooling the beer to drop the yeast out of suspension. We do not filter or use clarifying agents on our beer, which leaves in more nutrients and keeps it vegetarian.)