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Vera Pizzeria

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Blue Monk

You did it!  You freed up a Saturday night, found a babysitter for the kids, sent your wife off to book club and managed to organize your buddies for some fun out on the town.  It’s guy’s night!

An evening devoid of responsibility isn’t easy to come by. Between work, school, family  and the endless obligatory social engagements it feels like every hour in the day is accounted for. But not these hours. No.  These are your hours, and the Queen City offers the perfect backdrop for you to escape the daily grind and cut loose with your college buddies.

The Undercard

All proper retreats take place at a nature-themed location, and yours should be no different.  The Lodge is a self-proclaimed “Urban Oasis” in the heart of downtown Buffalo, and your first stop of the night.  There’s no trust falls or team building exercises here, but there are drinks.  Order up a Knotbeer or Lodge Toddy, two of their best signatures, while you wait for the rest of your crew to arrive for dinner.

Your night shouldn’t just be free from responsibilities; it should be free from calorie-counting too.  So skip the salad and start with some vegetarian chili.  For your main course, dig into the lobster mac and cheese or some steak frites.

After dinner, head upstairs to the game room. Order a few more drinks, pick teams and play a few rounds of darts, shoot some pool or square off for a game of bubble hockey.  Don’t forget to mercilessly taunt the losing team.

The Main Event

After dinner you’re headed to one of America’s 10 Best neighborhoods: the Elmwood Village.  Here you’ll find the Cole’s, with a huge selection beers and a late night patio for people watching.

If speakeasies are more your thing you’re going down the street to Vera.  You can’t get a Coors Light here, but you can get pre-Prohibition era cocktails so good Nucky Thompson would be proud.  Order “The Duke” …even if it’s not on the menu.


The bars in Buffalo stay open until 4 a.m. so your extracurricular excursion can go deep into the night and early morning.  When you’re ready to wind it down hop a cab to Lobby Bar located inside the Statler Towers. If Frank and Dean were still around they’d finish their nights here.  Play some shuffleboard or lay claim to one of the oversized leather wing chairs and reminisce about the old days.

The Post Game Show

The best nights out are the ones that end with a recap and a meal.  Before you call it a night, make one last stop at Towne Restaurant in Allentown.  A fried egg sandwich and home fries will go a long way to make tomorrow manageable.  Trust me.

— Jay Josker