Romantic Getaway

Need to impress a new fling? Guilty you haven’t taken your spouse on a nice night out in ages? Just looking for a romantic evening? OK, follow this simple recipe step by step.



1 Melting Sunset
2 Glasses Red Wine
3 Roses
An Eternal Flame
Picnic Accoutrement



Fresh Air (plenty)
Ambiance (ample)
Passion (pinch)
Spice (garnish)



Around mid-day, make a stop at Woyshner’s Flower Market. Pick up three of her favorite color roses. Take care to preserve. Select a fine wine at City Wine Merchant and some picnic friendly foods at the Globe Market.


Make an early check-in at the Mansion on Delaware Avenue – Buffalo’s finest (and AAA Four Diamond rated) hotel.


Plan a great room service breakfast from their butler service.


Call Mothers Restaurant on Virginia Place in Allentown and make a reservation. Request a corner table.


Pack a small picnic basket.



Walk through Chestnut Ridge Park to the Eternal Flame Falls. Contrary to your undying love for her, the Eternal Flame it is not always burning but the escaping gas can usually be lit with a lighter, so have one handy. She’ll be impressed with your boy scout-like abilities, no doubt.


Next, make your way to the highest point in the park and set up your romantic picnic. Toast to each other as you watch the sun disappear over Lake Erie. If you’re at a loss for words, just remind her that no other city in the Northeast can offer such an immaculate sunset over the water.


From there, head back downtown to the Mansion to freshen up. Enjoy a complimentary cocktail and maybe play a game of billiards while you wait for their courtesy Land Rover to pick you up. There’s nothing hotter than a woman holding a pool cue eyeing up her shot.


Ask the driver to take a slow, scenic route around downtown and admire some of Buffalo’s incredible architecture and cityscapes before settling into the cozy atmosphere at Mother’s. Enjoy a fine dining experience beneath dim candlelight and amid the quiet buzz of the bar goers.



By now, you’ve knocked her socks off. Your sweetheart will be equally impressed by your knack for romance and knowledge of Buffalo!