Photogenic Buffalo

With a spectacular natural setting on Lake Erie and the Niagara River and a collection of great American parks and buildings that put many larger cities to shame, is it any wonder that Buffalo is my favorite work of art? If you’re a serious photographer or even just a casual Instagrammer who loves sharing your best shots with friends, family and followers, Buffalo provides a wealth of gorgeous and just plain fun locations to focus your sights on. Here are ten of my favorites:


Shark Girl: Everyone seems to agree that this whimsical sculpture at Canalside is one of the most shareable spots in the city.


Wilkeson Pointe Wind Sculptures: One the many new parks springing up along Buffalo’s once industrial waterfront is highlighted by an installation of captivating wind sculptures at the top of a winding walk. This is the place for five-star sunsets.


1833 Lighthouse: One of the oldest structures on the Great Lakes, the lighthouse is accessible from the gates of the Coast Guard Base on Fuhrmann Boulevard. Great views abound in all directions.


Buffalo City Hall: Niagara Square has a view of what is arguably the most beautiful city hall in the United States. Built in the early 1930s, City Hall is a massive Art Deco structure situated across the street from the McKinley Monument.


Labatt’s Blue Silos: The best vantage point to shoot the world’s largest six-pack is Buffalo Riverfest Park on Ohio Street just across the river from the Riverworks entertainment complex. Definitely pixel worthy.


Kleinhans Music Hall: Considered one of the greatest concert halls in the entire country, the view of its reflecting pool and the First Presbyterian Church across the street is simply spectacular. Best shot in early morning or late afternoon.


Richardson-Olmsted Campus: Currently being restored as a boutique hotel and conference center, this National Historic Landmark is a towering masterpiece of American architecture.


Buffalo AKG Art Museum: On its expansive rear set of steps, you’ll quickly discover why so many Buffalo wedding parties decide to take pictures of their special day on this very spot.


Elevator Alley: This spot, at the junction of Hamburg and South Streets in the city’s Old First Ward, is a one-of-a-kind panorama of America’s industrial heartland.


Silo City: Take an Explore Buffalo Vertical Tour to the top of the Perot Elevator. Get to the top. Turn, shoot and share.