Pizza & Wings Buffalo’s Best Combo

Some foods are just better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. And, thanks to Buffalo, pizza and wings.

Buffalo lays claim to its own pizza style – a geographic hybrid between New York thin slice and Chicago deep dish featuring a thick crust; sweet, tangy sauce; generous portions of mozzarella cheese and spicy pepperoni that cups and chars while baking. Within a decade of the Anchor Bar introducing wings in 1964, pioneering local pizzerias began to serve them alongside their pies. Early adopters included Santora’s, Buffalo’s oldest pizzeria dating back to 1927, and La Nova Pizzeria, which quickly gained recognition for its BBQ wings.


Here are ten of the best pizza and wing joints in the BUF:


Bob and John’s La Hacienda
Bocce Club Pizza*
Imperial Pizza*
Just Pizza & Wing Co.*
La Nova Pizzeria
Lovejoy Pizzeria*
Mister Pizza Elmwood*
Picasso’s Pizza
Pizza Plant Italian Pub
Santora’s Pizza Pub and Grill

*Take-out Only