125 Main Street, Ste 110
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 626-5566


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Grills & Pubs, Pizza in Buffalo, Sunday Brunch, Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants


Mon: 11am -11pm
Tue: 11am -11pm
Wed: 11am -11pm
Thu: 11am -11pm
Fri: 11am -12am
Sat: 11am -12am
Sun: 11am -10pm

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Pizza Plant Italian Pub – Canalside

Pizza Plant is the home of the famous Pod, speciality pizza baked in a doughy folded crust. With a casual pub atmosphere, great craft beer and wine selections, pizza, salads and pasta, Pizza Plant is a delicious choice. Located in the heart of downtown, this location is easily accessible from Canalside and KeyBank Center.

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