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By Sara Schumacher

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Source: Fattey Beer Kenmore (Facebook)

As I write this, I’m sitting in Spot Coffee watching the activity of my small urbane village, running into people I know from my kids’ school as well as my younger and more social days. That’s pretty much Buffalo – and Kenmore is no different. Moving here 15 years ago (from the urban Allentown neighborhood that followed my very suburban childhood), I found the “in-between” that is Kenmore. I am close to almost anything you could want or need while knowing it’s a great place to raise my 4 and 8 year old daughters. Kenmore has been named one of Business Week’s best places to raise a family in the United States, was named a “Top 10 Great Neighborhood” by the American Planning Association, and was named Business First’s “highest rated community in Western New York.

Kenmore Farmers Market / Source: Kenmore Farmers Market (Facebook)

Accolades aside, I simply enjoy living here. Every day can be so different but always maintains a strong sense of community. As someone who owns their own business and often works from home, having multiple, nearby options for escape is amazing. While I grew up suburban, I have always preferred an urban setting. I’m so comfortable in them, strangers have asked me for directions in almost every city I’ve visited. Even in Germany. To this day, I worry I didn’t send them to the train.

I love that in Kenmore I can meet clients or grab dinner within walking distance of my home. In the last month alone, I’ve been to Spot, Surge Restaurant, Jay’s Artisan Pizza, Nowhere Lounge, Olympic Restaurant, Amici Ristorante, and The Delaware, and had takeout from La Divina, Home Taste, Bengal Grill, and Greek on the Street. This barely scratches the surface of what’s in our tiny 1.4 square mile village. Later I’m picking up teacher gifts from Sweet Beginning’s Bakery because, who doesn’t love fresh cookies?

Now that winter is over and summer is on the horizon, my kids are pleading for walks to King Condrell’s and Watson’s for ice cream that will drip down their little arms in the (I swear it’s coming) summer heat. My perspective as a mom of young kids has its limitations, so I conducted a little unofficial polling of close friends about why they love Kenmore. Almost all answered, simply, that a walk through the village makes them fall in love with Kenmore all over again. And I agree. I love walking alone for a mental break or with friends to catch up on what’s going on in our lives. Lately it’s been walks with other moms so we can tucker our kids out. We go to Mang Park, the Kenmore Branch Library, playgrounds, shops like Finishing Touches, and quiet side streets lined with idyllic homes. We’ve made impromptu stops at Mojo Market, Public Espresso in Dash’s Market, and Fig Tree Patisserie. Once a friend and I even found a Buffalo Bills-themed pop up shop in front of a printing company.

During the winter, when snowstorms had our kids bouncing off walls, my neighbors and I loaded our kids in sleds, walked a few blocks to pick up Macy’s Place Pizzeria, and settled in at Fattey Beer. While bundled patrons and their dogs sat around the outdoor firepit, our kids devoured french fries and played board games. We took a deep breath and sipped our beers. A feeling of renewal is always, literally, just around the corner.

Source: Fattey Beer Kenmore (Facebook)

The village is incredibly walkable, which creates my biggest hurdle in writing this – what I’ve missed outside of my own radius. I can stop at the bank, get my hair or nails done, grab coffee, ethnic takeout, or prepared healthy meals. I can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at diverse places, shop local, ship a package, stop at the library, take a pottery class, see the dentist, watch outdoor concerts, buy groceries, take a dance class, and wash our dog at the Laundromutt (winner of ABC’s Pooch Perfect!) all within a ten minute walk. Five if you walk as fast as I’m told I do. A quick drive gets me to school, a comic book store, Board & Brush, the liquor store, and more ice cream shops, bakeries, and a wide variety of restaurants and diners.

My daughters love Kenmore

Kenmore has become my “best of both worlds.” I’m centrally located, which is great for business, with urban-like access and suburban-like benefits. I’m minutes from two legs of the NYS Thruway and only blocks from Buffalo. My house has 106 years of history and beautiful Art Deco buildings line Delaware Avenue. My kids can’t stop themselves when the town piano is in the gazebo across from the farmers market. Kenmore is my favorite urban village and I encourage you to visit. Just remember to park your car, take a walk, and soak it all in.

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Sara Schumacher

Sara Schumacher lives in Kenmore, NY and is the founder of Schumacher Events, a Buffalo-based event planning service.