This Hot Dog Joint Serves One of Buffalo’s Best Fish Fry

By Jessica Kelly

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Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs is not a one trick pony. Sure, they’re known for their uniquely dressed hotdogs and burgers piled high with toppings, but they’ve also thrown their hat in the ring for fish fries every Friday during Lent and are seriously bringing their A-game.

It’s no secret that the Buffalo area has plenty of options when it comes to fish fries. There are the usual staples – you know the ones – seen on every fish fry roundup. And then there are the ones that, in my opinion, deserve more credit – or are completely new to the scene. Or in this case, restaurants with an incredible reputation trying something new. When my roommate and I ordered from Frank, it was a Friday pop up, so all of the food was to-go. I was prepared to take that with a grain of salt. 

More times than not, the fish, fresh out of the fryer, starts to get a little soggy when put in a to-go container because it traps steam. I guess that’s good for keeping the food hot, but I would rather it maintains that super crunchy, crispy skin. When we got them home, the Frank fish fries were not only still crispy, but they maintained that perfect texture for a long time after we cracked into it. My friend and I laughed because we were like, “an hour later!”, while tapping the fork on the skin, still crispy. That takes skill. I want to know Frank’s strategy. Frank serves their fish fry with sweet, creamy tartar sauce and the their excellent take on the traditional fish fry sides. The coleslaw was crispy and clean, not runny or overly coated in mayo. It was fresh and acidic, in a good way, with a great crunch. Frank’s famous fries were fresh and crispy, as always.  But the potato salad was my favorite. The skin on potatoes still had a nice bite to them. It was salty and creamy with fresh onion and celery. Everything was absolutely delicious and flavorful!

Frank fries and various dipping sauces

This was, by far, one of the best fish fries I’ve ever had. The fish was tender and the skin was incredibly crispy. The sides were all amazing and it was a great take out option, maintaining the quality you could expect from a dine-in experience. Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs isn’t just known for their dogs and burgers anymore!

Ordering instructions:

As this is a temporary menu item during the Lenten season, preorders for Frank’s Friday fish fry fill up fast. Pre-orders go live on the Monday before. All pre-orders are by phone only at (716) 322-5933. Place your order, select your pick-up time – between 12pm and 8pm – and you’re set!

Keep an eye on their social media (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) for pre-order window information.

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Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs, 707 Kenmore Avenue, Kenmore
(716) 322-5933 / / Instagram

Images courtesy of Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs on Facebook

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