Lonely Planet Lauds Buffalo as a Top Art Deco Destination

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Buffalo’s landscape and skyline read like a textbook from an architectural master class. From the clean lines of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, the early origins of skyscraper design of Louis Sullivan, to H.H. Richardson’s Romanesque style, there’s one other architectural style that is prominent amongst the buildings of Buffalo – marvelous, intricate Art Deco.

In a recent story, the gorgeous, angular and colorful details of some of Buffalo’s most beautiful structures has been ranked among “The 11 Top Art Deco Destinations Around the World” with the likes of international destinations in South Africa, India, New Zealand, Uruguay and Lithuania.

“Head downtown to the the Court Street corridor to see some of [Buffalo’s] best examples of its art deco flavor, from the magnificently detailed Buffalo City Hall and Central Terminal (which is currently being redeveloped into an event space) to the Industrial Bank Building and Electric Tower Building,” Meghan O’Dea writes for Lonely Planet.

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