Just the Facts

Sometimes numbers can tell a better story than words could ever do. #TheNewBNCC means big things for Buffalo. An increase in economic impact means lower taxes for Erie County residents. A larger convention center ushers in the opportunity for more jobs for Erie County residents. The new convention center means that Buffalo can remain competitive amongst a greater number of peer cities. And when a new convention center is built, more people will discover the unexpected Buffalo.

But doing nothing is not an option. If we want to see Buffalo grow and succeed, a new convention center plays a role in our city’s economic vitality.

Economic Impact Chart A new Convention Center will create 206 new jobs Buffalo's Convention Competition
Infographic about business at the convention center The Bring It Home program has booked 276 Meetings with 95,787,000 dollars in economic impact Since 2014 Buffalo has lost 1,208 pieces of business
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