Hongpei & Huamei


Hongpei & Huamei

Hongpei & Huamei and their children

We spotted a family from Beijing, China at the Italian Heritage Festival in Niagara Square last weekend. The group had stopped in Niagara Falls and Buffalo as part of a two-week trip to the U.S. Hongpei Liu introduced his wife, Huamei, and sons, Yihuan and Chenxuan. Their friend, Xiaoxia Chen, was happily munching on a Mineo & Sapio sausage.

“This is so good,” she said. “Niagara Falls was wonderful and then we just found this festival when we came to downtown,” she added. “Buffalo,” Hongpei observed, “is quiet, clean and so beautiful. Beijing has too many people and traffic. The food here is so good and yesterday we found an Asian market and that made us so happy.”

The rest of their Buffalo itinerary included Canalside and the Central Terminal. “The boys will like looking at the battleships at Canalside.”

When asked how he had heard about Buffalo, Hongpei answered, “My friend in Beijing went to U.B. and he talked about the historic architecture.”

As the group headed off to enjoy the rest of their stay, Hongpei offered a friendly goodbye, “Buffalo is wonderful,” he said.