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The Best Event of its Kind

In July 1995, a small group of neighbors in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village, in a simple act of hope and optimism, invited the community to visit the gardens they had been carefully tending. Today, these gardeners have been joined by hundreds of others and Garden Walk Buffalo has grown to become the largest free event of its kind in the entire United States, regularly attracting tens of thousands of visitors over the last weekend of July. Garden Walk has been the catalyst for beautifying and rejuvenating entire city blocks, increasing home values and helping to create a new image for Buffalo – becoming the model horticulture tourism event that other cities attempt to emulate. More than 400 gardens were featured in the 2019 Walk, including the spectacular gardens at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House in the city’s Parkside neighborhood. Garden Walk gardens are renowned for their creative use of found objects, artworks, and handmade trellises, sheds and planters. In fact, Garden Walk Buffalo’s quirky, eccentric, one-of-a-kind gardens are now recognized as a category all their own: the “Buffalo-style” garden. Come and experience Buffalo’s avant-gardens.