11 Flowers to Seek Out at Buffalo’s Botanical Gardens

Every season at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens (or, as I lovingly call the place, Botanicus Gardenus) glows with floral happiness and happenings. Before a winter palette of white, the autumn displays are welcomed pops of color. Everything dazzles.

With hundreds of blooming varieties, every available space at the Botanical Gardens are filled with flowers.

Each greenhouse at The Gardens is numbered 1-12 and highlight their own remarkable displays of Mother Nature, like the orchids and succulents. The central dome is named Palm Dome and it is, technically, House 1. The Botanical Gardens have also recently completed extensive renovations to Houses 2 and 3 – the brand new Aquatic Gardens and Asian Rainforest exhibits.

Here are eleven of the most beautiful flowers I found during my visit to the Botanical Gardens. The Gardens are open daily from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Admission is $11 per adult, $10 for seniors, $9 for students, $6 for children 3-12 and free for kids under 2 and garden members.

Subtle are the rose-colored stems of the plant Croton, with layers of tiny red buds resembling nascent coffee beans (Coffea Arabica cherries, officially) that open into delicate yellow and green puffs.

Another plant that is familiar to houseplant lovers, Anthurium are seen throughout the Botanical Gardens. House 12 features an unusual pure white Anthurium plant, which features the species’ heart-shaped leaves and signature, pink stamen and is surrounded by lush and bright green fern plants.

Needle Flower Tree
The onsite specimen is in the Rainforest display underneath the eastern dome of the gardens, near the doorway leading to their events space. This tree has blossoms that are at face height, and up to twelve feet high. If you position your nose just right, and the flowers are at just the right bloom, you will smell its very subtle scent.

Delicate tulips of several hues are seen throughout The Gardens.

For some extraordinarily beautiful blooms, head into House 6 to see several potted plants of delicate begonias.

The orchid varieties, in House 8 – a.k.a. The Orchid House, are complex flower built to catch raindrops.

The beautiful flowering hibiscus tree, spotted in Wegmans Family Garden.

The Botanical Gardens features thousands of flowering bulb plants, including varieties of daffodils.

Ponderosa Lemon Tree
One of several flowers on the Ponderosa Lemon tree under the Palm Dome.

Chinese Perfume Tree
Here is another example of one of the most discrete and subtle flowers in the entire Botanical Gardens: the Chinese Perfume Tree. Located in House 2, this shrub is in the Mahogany Family. The flowers are tiny bright yellow balls that do not open; their scent resembles lemons.

Cow Horn
Cow Horn is in the building devoted to cacti. Volunteers have arranged this plant among rocks and other cacti resembling a desert landscape.