This Father & Son Team Serve Up Smiles at Frosty’s Ice Cream

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Drive down Broadway in the village of Lancaster on the outskirts of Buffalo and your eye is immediately drawn to a charming little structure that looks like it was pulled from the pages of your favorite fairytale. Built in 1935 as the Liebler-Rohl Gas Station, it serviced cars for thirty years before it began serving up scoops of ice cream.

Frosty’s at 5500 Broadway in Lancaster

The operation changed hands in 2003 when David Del Carlo was told to “Follow Your Dreams” by his horoscope. Two days later, he quit his six-figure job, burned his suits in a backyard bonfire and purchased an ice cream stand.

Nineteen years later, Frosty’s Ice Cream in Lancaster is still David’s dream job, one he describes as “the happiest gig in the world.” And why not? He’s surrounded by a sea of ice cream covered chins and toothy smiles and gets to work with his son Nick by his side.

Frosty’s father and son team, Nick (left) and David (right)

Together, David and Nick have expanded Frosty’s menu with the addition of fresh ingredients, an inclusive product line for all dietary needs, and a special emphasis on vegan options. As a vegan himself, Nick knows it’s not always easy to find a cool, summer vegan treat, which is why Frosty’s now offers 70 different vegan combinations. The former gas station is now considered a “vegan mecca.”

For fans of more traditional ice cream, Frosty’s is built on the frozen foundation of local favorite, Perry’s. They offer 30 of their flavors on any given day as well as soft-serve custard. (Try the peanut butter custard!). David and Nick also offer an array of imaginative sundaes. Fruity pebbles, anyone? They also give a nod to Buffalo with flavors like Loganberry and Sponge Candy and serve more adult palates with beer, wine and liquor-based ice cream. For those looking for the ultimate brain freeze, try your luck with their one-pound cone challenge!

Photos by Frosty’s Ice Cream

So, when that summer sun peaks out one morning and your horoscope tells you to “Follow Your Dreams,” remember dreams are made of ice cream and some of the best can be found at Frosty’s. (Just leave the plastic at home. Cash only! In fact, keep a $20 at the ready. Call it your “Frosty’s Fund”.)

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