Currently Obsessed With: Macy’s Place Pizzeria

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Currently Obsessed With… Macy’s Place Pizzeria

“When it comes to Buffalonians and their habits for ordering a Buffalo-style pizza, favorites are usually determined by geography. Being an East Side youth, that was Metro Pizza on Clinton when I was a kid and now, as a West Side adult, La Nova is right around the corner from our house. But there are a handful of pizzerias that’ll make me betray those oaths of cheesy, saucy, cup-n-charred loyalty. Macy’s Place Pizzeria on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga is one such spot. And being outside of their delivery radius, if their pizza can get me to make a 30-minute round trip to pick up the pies, it must be good. Sure, they nail the classic cheese-and-pep pizzas, but it’s their endless varieties of creatively-topped “Instagram Pizzas” that elevated Macy’s to local social-media stardom. When I’ve got a craving, the Sativa Sunrise is my go-to. A doughy crust topped with BBQ chicken fingers (cut the long way, a bold move), fresh sliced jalapeños, curly fries, and a BBQ and honey mustard drizzle punch me a one-way ticket aboard the Food Coma Express. So what that I can only handle one monster slice per noshing session – Macy’s Place leftovers are the best leftovers.”

– Drew Brown, Marketing Manager for Visit Buffalo Niagara 🍕 #InTheBUF #CurrentlyObsessedWith