Macy’s Place Pizzeria

3348 Genesee Street
Buffalo, NY 14225
(716) 565-6229 Visit Website

Father-and-son team John and Nick Argy took over Macy’s in 2009 (founder Chuck Maciejewski, opened it in 2002), a tiny spot on a quiet stretch of Genesee Street that would be easy to drive by if not for the statue of a chef on the roof. Cheese is the focus here—Macy’s goes light on salt and sauce—and the one-day fermented dough is sweeter than the typical Buffalo slice. There’s a modest 10 cup-and-char Margherita pepperoni rounds per slice (a third with browned edges, but all cupped), a light film of zesty grease across the top of the cheese, which seeps over the edges, and a pleasing crunch-crack to the crust. This tidy triangle resembles a little magic pizza carpet, a concentrated version of Buffalo-style pie worth a ride to Cheektowaga.