Classic Buffalo Spotlight: McPartlan’s Corner 

By Emily Burns Perryman

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While Buffalo didn’t invent the fish fry, it certainly feels like a huge part of our culinary identity. From fish fry maps featured on our local news channels’ websites, debates over which restaurant has the best one and fish fry trails, enjoying this lunch or dinner dish is a necessary venture for those looking for the authentic Buffalo experience. Indeed, you’ll get to know Buffalo better when you start to see and taste the unique cuisine of our City of Good Neighbors, influenced greatly by the many ethnicities and backgrounds of our diverse residents. One great place to start, representative of classic Buffalo food fare, is family-owned McPartlan’s Corner (669 Wehrle Drive, Cheektowaga), serving up traditional, home style meals in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Their fish fry is highly recommended and certainly not to miss! 

McPartlan’s Corner opened in 1955 in South Buffalo, a neighborhood traditionally known for its large Irish-American community. The restaurant then relocated out to Amherst in 1971 where the current location stands. Founded by Jim and Louise McPartlan, their five sons now run this comfortable and cozy family-owned business. It’s laid back, easy going and offers a pleasant and relaxing dining experience. Whether it’s a beer and a chat with patrons seated at the bar or a sit down meal with friends or family, everyone feels welcome at McPartlan’s Corner. Renowned for their fresh haddock fish fry shipped directly from Boston, they also offer daily lunch and dinner specials such as traditional corned beef and cabbage, a delicious prime rib dinner, and their hot turkey and gravy sandwich. No matter your taste, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

The fish fry is what brought me and my family in to McPartlan’s Corner recently and we’ve always loved this dinner time staple. In fact, when I lived in New York City, almost every visit back to my hometown would include a special request for a family dinner together, grabbing a fish fry at one of the many places around town that offer up this tasty dish. It’s about culture as well as cuisine, as fish is often served on Friday nights during the Catholic season of Lent. This has made the fish fry a favorite local restaurant special and can often be found sold at church fundraisers. Featuring battered or breaded fried fish, the meal is normally served with sides such as french fries, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, lemon slices and tartar sauce, and also tastes great alongside a cold draft beer.  

McPartlan’s Corner offers their delicious fresh haddock fish fry every day of the week, and serves it with the usual side options mentioned above, plus warm German potato salad, along with sliced caraway rye bread and butter. It’s hearty, tangy and crispy, and a delicious dinner choice no matter the season, leaving you with the experience of that true Buffalo hometown feeling.

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McPartlan’s Corner, 669 Wehrle Dr, Cheektowaga, NY 14225 | Facebook

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Emily Burns Perryman

Emily Burns Perryman is a proud "re-patriot" having moved back to Western New York after 10 years in NYC. She resides in beautiful North Buffalo with her husband and two children and works in higher education at Trocaire College in South Buffalo. She is also the proud co-founder of Unite by Night.