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With cool vibes dating back to the 60s, this quaint historic neighborhood is a perfectly quirky spot with a local vibe. Filled with bars featuring live music, trendy restaurants, local art galleries, antique shops, bookstores and boutiques, Allentown offers an off-the-beaten path look at Buffalo’s indie culture.

Fashion Expert > Jacquelyn Wrafter

Jacquelyn-WrafterHow would you describe your personal style?
My style is simplistic and neutral. I like to buy pieces that transcend season and trend. Sticking to the basics allows the things in my closet to complement each other, and saves me from buying things I don’t need. It’s important to be a conscientious shopper.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
Eyes Downtown has all the high-end brands in eyewear. They can even fit lenses for the cool vintage frames you find at thrift stores.

A perfect day in Allentown includes:
Walking the dog in Days Park, or anywhere in Allentown. We have the best houses to look at. Followed by an opening at a gallery, and then Cantina Loco for a nightcap.

cantina-loco-margaritaBest places to grab a bite to eat? 
Allentown is known for its bars and restaurants. Over the last couple years several quality places to eat like Colter Bay and Allen Burger Venture have really put out a great vibe and started to change the neighborhood for the better without taking away from the classic mainstays like The Pink and Cathode Ray.

Best cheap score of late?
I always keep an eye out for estate sales in my neighborhood, not only do you get a peek inside some of the most gorgeous homes in the city, but if you have a sharp eye you can find some awesome antiques at a fraction of the cost.

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