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There are some neighborhoods in Buffalo that sum up, in their own unique ways, the overarching story of Buffalo’s recent comeback. One such evolving place is Chandler Street in the Black Rock community. Before the influx of new development and creative, talented entrepreneurs over the past couple of years, Chandler Street was little more than industrial buildings, warehouses and empty lots – a place to be driven through to get to your destination, not the destination itself. But where others see blight, some see opportunity. And as Chandler Street’s factories become restaurants, bakeries, urban farms and fish markets, and vacant lots become places to gather, Buffalo has gained one of its newest hotspots.

Taking note of the investment by developer Rocco Termini and the drive of several small business owners to take a chance on the neighborhood, Preservation Magazine has featured Chandler Street in a recent article.

One of Chandler Street’s repurposed warehouses / Mural by Chuck Tingley

“The two properties at 27-37 Chandler are the latest developments along this former industrial thoroughfare. Credit longtime Buffalo developer Rocco Termini with seeing potential in a mostly abandoned manufacturing zone. He began buying properties here in 2012, and has developed five on Chandler Street and three others in the Grant-Amherst section of the larger Black Rock neighborhood, about 5 miles north of downtown. His projects house a mix of apartments and offices, as well as a brewery, cidery, restaurants, a fermentation shop, and a gym. Next up for Chandler Street is an outdoor swim club, with a bar and poolside restaurant, on the site of the former Niagara Lubricant plant,” Joe Sugarman explains for Preservation Magazine.

To get the full story, meet the many, many small businesses that call Chandler Street home and get a glimpse into the future, you can read the full story from Preservation Magazine here: Food Start-ups Bring Style and Sustenance to Newly Rehabilitated Buildings in Buffalo, NY

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