Buffalo’s Beef on Weck Earns National Recognition

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What the heck is weck? Slow-roasted, hand-carved roast beef served on a salt and caraway seed encrusted kummelweck roll, a light dip in some au jus, and a dollop of nasal-clearing horseradish make the beef on weck sandwich a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

Now, popular online food publication, Eater, is calling Buffalo’s beef on weck the city’s “best contribution to culinary world.”

“Buffalonians are proud to introduce visitors to a plate of Buffalo delicacies. Buffalo wings date back to 1964, when they were invented by Teressa Bellissimo at the Anchor Bar. The origins of sponge candy remain a mystery, but Fowler’s has been making it since 1901, the year entrepreneur Joseph A. Fowler made and sold the sweets at Buffalo’s Pan-American Exposition. But the beef on weck predates these — it’s Buffalo’s original culinary specialty,” writer Jessica Kelly explains for this Eater article.

And much like the wing, the unique flavors of beef on weck, perfected by places like Schwabl’s, Charlie the Butcher’s and Bar-Bill Tavern, are being deconstructed and repurposed by talented local chefs into creations like beef on weck sushi, beef on weck egg rolls and, yep, even beef on weck wings.

You can read the entire Eater story here: Beef on Weck is Buffalo Best Contribution to the Culinary World

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