Buffalo Coffee Shops to Cozy Up In

By Karen Healy

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After years of hitting our local SpOT coffee for lattes and conversation, my friends and I decided to explore some of the newer neighborhood coffee shops around the city. We certainly had a lot to choose from, so many in fact that we’ve probably missed quite a few! But fun times and delicious coffee was had by all.

Photo by Daily Planet

Branching out into North Buffalo, we stopped at Daily Planet, at 1862 Hertel Ave. Remember when coffee houses had entertainment? Daily Planet does. The lovely space, which makes nice use of reclaimed wood and other natural materials, is centered on a small stage. Musical acts play Thursday through Sunday, with an eclectic mix of jazz, folk, and classical. While you enjoy the entertainment, you can also enjoy a full menu of coffees and teas, baked goods, soups and paninis. Vegan and Gluten Free options are also available. A calendar of entertainment is available at their website.

Photo by Undergrounds

South Buffalo is not immune to the appeals of coffee culture either. Our two forays south of downtown led us first to Undergrounds, at 580 South Park Ave. in the Old First Ward. Located in a former funeral home, Undergrounds tribute to the building’s former purpose doesn’t end with its name. A motif of merry skeletons decorates their walls and menus, while the punning continues at their “creamatorium” station. They are deadly serious (see what I did there?) about their food and drink though, with a wide ranging breakfast, lunch and coffee menu with specials named after local people of interest. Silly punning aside, the space is actually quite cozy and attractive, and has the benefit of a nice big parking lot.


Dog Ears Cafe & Bookstore

Also in South Buffalo, at 688 Abbott Rd., is Dog Ears Cafe and Bookstore, a full service coffee shop set inside a small independent bookstore. The only non-profit organization on this list, Dog Ears raises money for literacy and cultural programs for local children. The baked goods are all housemade and delicious, there is a full breakfast and lunch menu with eggs, salads, sandwiches and wraps, and you can eat and browse for your next book at the same time! Despite the double service of store and cafe, it’s a surprisingly spacious and comfortable setting. Books, lattes and homemade scones; no wrong choices there!

And no way to go wrong trying any of the many local coffee shops springing up all over town.

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Karen Healy

Karen is transplant from New York City who has lived in Buffalo for 25 years. Though devoted to her North Buffalo neighborhood, she loves to get out and explore, especially when there is eating involved.