What kind of place is Buffalo, NY? It’s fun, historical, delicious, outdoorsy, sports-loving, diverse, and creative. It’s home to remarkable art and music and architecture. And did we mention it’s an easy, welcoming, and affordable place to visit? If this sounds unexpectedly great, that’s because that’s exactly what Buffalo is.

Experience Buffalo

A city is only as incredible as its stories. We’re proud to say that the people, places and moments that shape Buffalo make for great stories, and we’re excited to share them with you.

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Eat Wings & Earn Prizes

Sample the tastiest wings in the country on the Buffalo Wing Trail and earn prizes along the way, including a vinyl bumper sticker, Buffalo Wing Trail t-shirt, I Got Saucy pennant from our very own Oxford Pennant and the title of Buffalo Wing Trail legend.

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Enjoy a relaxing moment with a photo tour of Buffalo. When the time is right, The City of Good Neighbors will welcome you back to enjoy our marvelous architecture, revitalized waterfront and expansive natural areas. Until that time, take a look at what you’ll find in Buffalo.