Hear Here: Live Music in Buffalo

Have you ever been to a concert in Buffalo? If not, Buffalo is an perfect destination for the lover of live music. Don’t believe us? Hear it from the musicians, fans and owners of Buffalo’s awesome venues!


From elegant concert halls to indie-rock watering holes, we’ve got it all going on, seven days a week. Our city is home to a large population of deeply talented professional musicians working in every imaginable genre, and an even larger population of true music lovers eager to bask in the region’s all-but-limitless live music offerings. That’s why we’ve created a podcast about it!


Each episode of Hear Here will have everything from behind-the-scenes tours to interviews with experts from different venues, Q&As with music icons, testimonials from fans and plenty more. Listen to the latest episodes of Hear Here or subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts!


Hear Here is a production of Buffalo Toronto Public Media for Visit Buffalo Niagara

Episode 1: Town Ballroom

On this episode of Hear Here, we visit the iconic Town Ballroom. Initially called The Town Casino in the ‘40s, 50s and ‘60s, the Town Ballroom on Main Street in Buffalo, NY hosted legends such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Miles Davis. In the following decades, the building would change ownership multiple times. Nearly twenty years ago, hoping to establish a premiere concert venue in Buffalo, Artie Kwitchoff and Donny Kutzbach of Funtime Presents decided to “restore the old girl to her former glory.” In this episode, Donnie and Artie share their story of transforming this iconic venue to showcase local, national, and international acts. Bentley also visits with Max Kerman, the lead singer of Arkells, to find out what it’s like to play here. Finally, we meet Town Ballroom superfan Jim Lemoy, who has officially obtained VIP status, attending more than 400 concerts, and counting.

Episode 2: June in Buffalo

Championed internationally by the renowned Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and echoed for generations inside spaces like Kleinhans Music Hall, classical music can bring listeners back to the streets of our one-time City of Light and deepen their appreciation of the modern Queen City. Throughout the summer, there are scores of classical performances across the region. But with the annual June in Buffalo—the June 9-15, 2024 festival dedicated to contemporary composers and set on the campus of the University at Buffalo—fans can enjoy multiple days of classical music appreciation and get lost in the beauty of arrangements that have stood the test of time. In this episode of Hear Here, we’ll talk festival specifics and legacy with June in Buffalo Artistic Director, Jonathan Golove; examine the genre’s trajectory and intricacies with conductor of the BPO, Fernanda Lastra; and connect with Buffalo-born composer, Amy Williams about her musical upbringing—and where classical music could take us next.

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