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By Shira Jacobson

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As a dessert lover, I have my go-to neighborhood spots to satisfy my sweet tooth when I’m in a pinch. But I am also always willing and eager to hop in the car and go the extra distance for a good baked good. Last week, I drove out to Elm Street in East Aurora to check out Blue Eyed Baker.

Blue Eyed Baker is owned by founder and pastry chef Alex Robinson. Though she started out in the corporate world, Robinson eventually followed her passion of baking and spent time studying the craft under top pastry chefs in both Los Angeles and Paris. And Buffalo is so lucky that she did, because Blue Eyed Baker is whipping out some incredible pastries.

The storefront is as cute as the street it’s on, with an aesthetically pleasing interior that’s perfect for instagrammable photos. You can even get Blue Eyed Baker swag, like an embroidered beanie, and other local goodies from a small merchandise section. But you don’t walk into Blue Eyed Baker without buying a pastry – or 10, if you’re like me.

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at the pastry case is probably the wide selection of French macarons. If you’ve never had a French macaron, it is a bite-sized sandwich cookie unlike anything else. Sweet, buttery cream is filled between two soft, chewy, delicate meringue-based cookies. With over 15 flavors and continually changing seasonal flavors, Blue Eyed Baker has a macaron for everyone. My favorite are their fruit-flavored macarons, with the strawberry being a classic highlight that can do no wrong.

Blue Eyed Baker’s selection goes far beyond macarons, though. There are big, delicious cookies and beautifully soft and flaky croissants, with specialty flavors often making an appearance during the weekend. The muffins and scones don’t disappoint either – Blue Eyed Baker nails everything they do – and they do a lot. Blue Eyed Baker always offers a selection of vegan and gluten-free items that rival anything else they make. The chocolate vegan, gluten-free cookie I tried was one of my favorite baked goods of the day!

If you’re looking for a cake or another dessert for a special day (or for yourself, I don’t judge), Blue Eyed Baker does custom orders, too.

Their storefront is open 7 days a week, they’re regulars at multiple farmers markets around the city, where they’ve gained a reputation for slinging some of the best breakfast sandwiches around town, and they even supply a selection of pastries to various restaurants and cafes around Buffalo. Thanks to Blue Eyed Baker and the blue-eyed baker herself, Alex Robinson, our city has no shortage of world-class baked goods.

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Blue Eyed Baker, 33 Elm Street, East Aurora | Instagram | Facebook

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