7 Treats for Your Buffalo Chocolate Checklist

I’m not sure where the connection between Valentine’s Day and chocolate came from (The Aztecs? Mr. Cadbury? Whoever makes heart shaped boxes?), but I’m not the least bit upset about there being one. I’m usually on the receiving end of the tradition and it’s exactly where I, and my sweet tooth, want to be. Over the years a variety of Valentine’s Day chocolates have passed by my lips, all from an entire box of milk chocolate cream centers to a 5 lb. chocolate heart with my name on it to a bag of individually-wrapped dark chocolate truffles from a national retailer. I know my chocolate.

So if you’re looking for some sweets for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, here’s my chocolate checklist:


The Human Heart

Nothing says “Our Hearts Beat As One” like giving your Valentine an anatomically-correct 3-D heart. Nothing.
WHERESweet Jenny’s, 5732 Main Street, Williamsville; (716) 631-2424
PRICE – $9.99



While a 5 lb. chocolate heart can be appealing, a decadent truffle is proof that size doesn’t always matter. Pick up a 6-pack of Blackberry Rose or Passion Fruit Panna Cotta truffles and your sweetheart will appreciate your attention to quality over quantity. Some of Blue Table’s sweets, like the South Asian Collection (cashew cardamom coconut & raspberry-jasmine tea) are even vegan!
WHEREBlue Table Chocolates, 44 Brayton Street, Buffalo; (716) 866-3725
PRICE – $10.00

Buffalo Bark

Show some 716 pride with a chocolatey treat that bears the name of your favorite city! Buffalo Bark is cashews, pretzels and pure butter toffee coated in milk & dark chocolate, topped with a milk or dark chocolate buffalo.
WHEREChoco-Logo Confectionary Design, 141 Broadway, Buffalo; (716) 855-3500
PRICE – $13.00 – $25.00

Little Smooch / Big Smooch

How do you measure love? How about with a smooch? Give a little bit of love or a lot of love this Valentine’s Day with these solid chocolate smooches.
WHEREAlethea’s Chocolates, 8301 Main Street, Clarence; (716) 633-8620
PRICE – $3.95 for an 2 oz. “Little Smooch” or $10.95 for a 7.5 oz. “Big Smooch”

Geometric Hearts & Roses

For the person who deserves your heart, this chocolate sampler includes sweets in fun geometric shapes flavored deliciously with raspberry dark chocolate and strawberry ganache roses. Better yet, they’re vegan and gluten free! Visit them at their brand new space on Chandler Street.
WHEREThe Sweet Whisk, 27 Chandler Street, Buffalo; (716) 342-2011
PRICE – Available for custom orders – priced to order

Bean-to-Dark Chocolate Bars

If you or your S/O are dark chocolate lovers, these extremely pure, ultra-fresh high-quality organic cacao beans bars use only all-natural ingredients.
WHEREDark Forest Chocolate, 11 West Main Street, Lancaster; (716) 288-9167
PRICE – $8.00 / bar


Sponge Candy

Buffalo’s signature confection is tried and true. Its longevity in the Buffalo area should be what all of our loving relationships strive for. You give the gift of sponge candy, you give the gift of long-lasting love.
WHEREWatson’s Chocolates, Fowler’s Chocolates, Antoinette’s Sweets, Wahl’s Candies, Parkside Candies, Bella Mia Candies, The Family Chocolate Shoppe, Ko-Ed Candies, Mike’s Homemade Candies and all shops mentioned above.
PRICE – You can’t put a price tag on love. Just buy it.