Toast with a Twist at Five Points Bakery

By Karen Fashana

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I’m a carb addict.  I’m not in denial either. I fully admit that there’s only a handful of things in this world that get me more jazzed than a beautiful carbohydrate. Be it pasta, potatoes, bagels or bread I don’t discriminate against any of the starches.  They all deserve equal representation in my tummy and make their way there on a regular basis.

A carb lover’s favorite meal of the day has to be breakfast where pancakes, waffles, cereal and toast are all for the picking. So when Five Points Bakery & Toast Cafe originally opened about nine years ago on Buffalo’s lower west side, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. A place dedicated to TOAST? How creative could one get with a menu item as simple as bread and butter?

Then you walk in the door…and you find out.

Apple Cider Toast with Triple Cream Brie.

Oatmeal Toast with Farmhouse Cheese and Cherry-Plum Jam.

Extra Sharp Cheddar Toast with St. Agur Bleu, hot sauce, sour cream and a garlic pickle.

Innovative flavor combinations accompanying the tastiest bread you’ve ever sunk your teeth in to. The breads are 100% whole grain and all use local, organic ingredients from nearby farmers. Owners, Kevin & Melissa Gardener, clearly take pride in their craft but it even goes beyond the rye toast and award-winning cinnamon rolls.  Their commitment to the neighborhood where their bakery resides, at a 5-point intersection on the west side (hence the name), is evident based on their recent move to a rehabilitated property just feet away from their previous location.  Its rustic interior is the perfect complement to its wholesome fare and they even have a great patio that’s perfect for a warm, sunny day. It’s wholesome, delicious fare is the perfect remedy for your carb-hankering.

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