The Washington Post Reflects on a Visit to Buffalo’s Martin House

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After nearly two decades of dedicated work, tens of millions of dollars in craftsmanship and countless volunteer hours, the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House is complete, both inside and out. While the home’s interior is currently closed due to the ongoing public health crisis, the exterior is still on full display, with something new bursting to life this spring – the expansive garden or “floricycle”.

In this recent article, The Washington Post’s art and architecture critic, Philip Kennicott, recounts a visit to Buffalo in 2019, putting to words the stunning sights and impeccable details viewed during his time at Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature prairie home.

“The (Darwin Martin) house is one of the great masterpieces of Wright’s architecture, and its two-decade return to glory is an inspiring story…(the view from the front door) is as dramatic, and essential to understanding Wright’s large aesthetic, as any view at any Wright masterpiece, including the iconic waterfall vista at Fallingwater, the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum, and the facade and pools at the Imperial Hotel, preserved in part at an architectural park outside of Nagoya, Japan,” Kennicott describes for The Washington Post.

While it may still be some time before the Martin House can open its doors to the public, we encourage you to reflect on a past visit to the home or daydream about the day when you can witness the home for yourself.  You can rest assured that when you’re ready to travel again, the Martin House will be ready to welcome you.

Read the entire Washington Post story here: This Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece is back in bloom after a 20-year restoration. In a perfect world, you’d be able to visit.

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