The Wall Street Journal: Buffalo is “Seriously Underappreciated”

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Buffalo is getting some serious love for being “seriously underappreciated” in the pages of one of America’s most prestigious newspapers.

If you consider yourself a music aficionado, art connoisseur, history and architecture buff, or just love to eat really good food, this recent article from The Wall Street Journal is here to let you know that you haven’t been giving the City of Buffalo the attention it deserves.

“Only knuckleheads—and the obstinately unenlightened—write off Buffalo, N.Y., as nothing more than a winter icebox and the birthplace of a certain sports-bar delicacy,” writer Jennifer Fernandez quips before diving into six big reasons to plan a weekend escape to the BUF.

Photo by Buffalo Aerial Photography

Sure we’ve still got the wings (and they’re better than ever), but it’s only scratching the surface of what Buffalo has to offer. Once skeptical visitors are discovering a treasure trove of architectural gems from Wright, Sullivan and Olmsted, a rich history that was at the heart of some of America’s most important moments,  and a wealth of cultural icons from the likes of the Albright Knox, Colored Musicians Club and much more. And let’s not forget a booming, diverse culinary landscape that transcends the world-famous wing.

But there’s only one way to know if The Wall Street Journal is right. You’ve got to come experience Buffalo for yourself!

You can read the whole Wall Street Journal article here: Escape to Buffalo: A Skeptic’s Guide to a Great Weekend Getaway
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