The Best Pastries in the World Might Just Be in Buffalo, NY

By Shira Jacobson

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I’m no stranger to pastries. Something about a delicate, buttery baked good speaks directly to my soul. Whether it’s a croissant or a danish, they all make my taste buds sing. But not any bakery can make a great pastry. Croissants, for instance, are known for being incredibly difficult to master, and the process of making them is a highly temperamental one. Getting the lamination (the folds of butter and dough that turn into those flawless, flaky layers) just right is not easy, and it’s a technique that many spend lifetimes trying to perfect.

I’ve eaten my way through many cities – even Paris, a city known for its patisserie. So when I say this, I promise I’m saying it as an experienced pastry-eater: the best pastries I’ve ever eaten have been from Buffalo’s very own Butter Block.

Butter Block was started in 2015 by owner Colleen Stillwell, whose baked goods could be found at farmer’s markets and pop-ups around town. After four years of these coveted treats being sprinkled around the city, the bakery found its permanent home in the popular Five Points area at 426 Rhode Island St.

While Butter Block does everything right (shout out to the exceptional quiches), it’s the pastries that will really transport you right to France. The croissants are my favorite, with their crispy exterior and pillowy soft layers. The richness of the imported French butter is unparalleled. I highly recommend the almond croissant, stuffed with a deliciously sweet almond paste. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Their savory danishes might be even better. I have an out of body experience every time I sink my teeth into the danish filled with caramelized onion and gruyere cheese.

So, if you think you have to travel to Paris for the best pastry of your life? Think again.

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