The Beer Keep Opens in the Elmwood Village

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The Elmwood Village is a mecca for amazing bars, restaurants, and shops – and it just got a brand new one. The Beer Keep (1002 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo) recently opened their doors in this top-tier Buffalo neighborhood. One part and one part craft beer shop, The Beer Keep is another brew-focused destination in Buffalo’s famous, ever-expanding beer scene. This brand new boozy endeavor is the passion project of developers and owners, Cory Muscato, Aaron Ketry, Patrick Galante, and Breezy Burrito Bar founders Briana and Daniel Hunter, with Daniel Hunter paving the way as the President.

“The last 18 months have been difficult for everyone, the hospitality industry is no different. While opening a new business can be scary, especially in the midst of uncertainty, we saw an opportunity to fill a beer-shaped void in our community,” said Cory Muscato, operations manager of The Beer Keep. “When Dan Hunter and I found out that Ashker’s was going to leave the space, we immediately knew we wanted it. The location has everything we love about Buffalo – direct access to the Olmsted Park System, steps away from cultural institutions in all directions, and of course surrounded by a welcoming neighborhood that we know and love.”

The Beer Keep owners (L-R) Cory Muscato, Daniel Hunter, Briana Hunter & Patrick Galante

The former Ashkers Juice Bar location has been transformed into the confidently colorful space that The Beer Keep calls home. Here, guests will have the opportunity to choose from a huge selection of draft beers, hard seltzers, cider, mead, natural wine and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy on site or to grab-and-go. As of opening, The Beer Keep is stocked with more than 160 different drink options!

“Communities thrive when small businesses succeed,” says Briana Hunter, partner at The Beer Keep and owner/operator of neighboring Breezy Burrito Bar. “We are thrilled to open and share our concept with our neighbors in the Elmwood Village community and all of Western New York.”

This creative team has big plans to offer difficult-to-find brands on tap and high-end selections in their coolers.

“All of us behind The Beer Keep have known each other for a long time, some from childhood, some from working together at restaurants, we even go on vacations together. The concept really came from seeing the direction this new craft consumer culture is headed and wanting to offer a more diverse, fun selection than you typically see in other area bars,” said Cory Musato. “Our beverage program will feature not just hard to find beers, but new and fun seltzers, an all-natural wine list, and non-alcoholic beverages that you’ll actually be excited to try.”

Food isn’t the main focus of The Beer Keep, but they will have a small menu created by chef Will Petersen featuring some hometown classics, nostalgic items, and even some vegan options. 

“When opening a business, you have a chance to plant your flags and show what’s important to you,” said Cory Muscato. “Our mission is to make sure that beer is nothing short of exciting for our guests. And not just some beer, ALL beer. We’re excited to invite Buffalo’s beer-loving community to dig through hundreds of beers in our coolers or enjoy a draft from one of two Czech-style side-pull taps and learn what makes them so special.”

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