The Associated Press Bites into the Buffalo Wing Trail

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A little over a year ago, after months of mouth-watering research and polling of Buffalo’s wing-devoted community, the Buffalo Wing Trail launched much to fanfare of food lovers around the world. The dish that became synonymous with our city deserved its own trail – ushering folks around town, from the birthplace of the wing to joints slathering these deep-fried Buffalo delicacies in some of the most unique sauces and spices anywhere.

And now the Associated Press has a craving for wings, too.

“This list of 12 [now 13] bars and restaurants was created by the Visit Buffalo Niagara tourism office when they realized their local dish was so beloved nationwide that it might just draw visitors in the same way that bourbon and craft-beer “trails” have done elsewhere,” Melissa Rayworth writes from the Associated Press. “The final list of restaurants, unveiled last year, includes quirky places with loads of atmosphere, chicken wings that live up to the hype…,” she continues.

Glen Park Tavern

But, we know wings are a point of pride here in Buffalo. While we believe the 13 spots along the Buffalo Wing Trail are a deliciously excellent introduction to the home of the wing, we welcome visitors to veer on and off the trail at their leisure. And we welcome your recommendations. After all, talking to local wing lovers is one of the best ways to find a good plate of wings. Who knows, maybe your favorite corner bar, tavern, restaurant, or wing slinger will be 2020’s People’s Choice champion. It could happen!

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