Stores With Stories: Trend Up

By Nancy J. Parisi

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The tagline of Trend Up on Allen Street is “We’re not just a clothing store.” The shop, located in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood that’s equal parts local shops, bars and restaurants, and historic homes, also sells vintage magazines, sunglasses, and accessories.

Owner Giovanni Centurione features an impressive array of urban and artful hoodies, jeans, sneakers, and shirts for men, but he reports that women do shop at the boutique as well. He opened his shop in 2016. After a couple of moves, he’s finally settled in a storefront on Allen Street near Delaware Avenue, a bustling corner with “more foot traffic than ever.”

“I’ve always loved fashion, I have always loved clothes,” Giovanni says. “When I was seventeen I moved to New York City and worked in independently-owned clothing stores. I moved back to Buffalo in 2010 and everyone loved what I was wearing so I said ‘Why not bring the New York vibe to Buffalo?'”

“Allentown is a very gay-friendly neighborhood,” he adds. “It has a history of being eclectic, welcoming to people from all walks of life. Allentown does remind me of New York City; it has an East Village, and homey vibe, too.”

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Trend Up, 95 Allen Street, Buffalo | Instagram

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