Step Inside These Spectacular Buffalo Churches

By Brian Hayden

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On a clear day, from the top of City Hall’s observation deck, look out in almost any direction. You’ll see a city and its neighborhoods defined by soaring church steeples that have stood the test of time.

Buffalo’s churches were the center of community life at a time when the city was organized in tight-knit, ethnic neighborhoods – Italian parishes in West Buffalo, German & Polish in East Buffalo and Irish in South Buffalo. After a long workweek, parishioners gathered for church suppers and community dances in the parish lyceums and halls – and gave thanks every Sunday at Mass.

Today, these churches continue to be a spectacular component of Buffalo’s world-renowned architectural fabric. As Christmas is almost here, check out these 9 spectacular churches:

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Brian Hayden

Brian Hayden served as Visit Buffalo Niagara's Communications Manager from 2014 to 2020 after working as a newspaper reporter and social media manager in Northern New York. Tweet to him @brian_hayden.