Step Into a Christmas Wonderland at Woyshner’s

Ever watch a Hallmark Christmas Movie? Kidding, of course. I know everyone has those movies on DVR and binge watches the entire month of December. Well, I think I’ve located the supplier for those elaborately decorated sets we see in every movie.

It absolutely must be Woyshner’s Christmas Shoppe, located in the friendly Buffalo suburb, Lackawanna.

Ok maybe not, but I dare you to walk into the shop (or “Shoppe”) and tell me they couldn’t masterfully decorate any holiday scene you demand. This place literally has everything you could ever possibly want to adorn your Christmas Lodge or Mistletoe Inn.

Want colored trees? Green is so last year.

Upside down trees? They’re hanging around.

Nutcrackers? You bet.

Elves on multiple shelves? They’re looking right at you.

Owls? Of course.

Irish Christmas? The place borders South Buffalo after all.

A NASCAR village? Start your engines.

Caroler figurines? Fa la la la la, la la, la la.

So whether you’re Coming Home for Christmas or just looking for an Enchanted Christmas this year, be sure to make your way to Ridge Road in Lackawanna. This place knows how to deck the halls – literally. And while you’re in the neighborhood, maybe catch a mass or a tour at the beautiful Our Lady of Victory Basilica, just down the road, or see the poinsettia show at the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens.

With Love,