See Art Come to Life at Van Gogh Buffalo

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If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were inside a painting, you have to get tickets to Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience while the mobile art exhibit is in Buffalo. Buffalo was lucky enough to be one of the selected cities this pop-up visual art experience visits in 2021. While in an unassuming position under a tent in the Eastern Hills Mall parking lot, inside, projectors reflect some of Van Gogh’s most incredible work while you watch it come to life, in full motion, in front of your very eyes. 

Vincent Van Gogh, born in the Netherlands in 1853, is a famous post-impressionist artist known for his bold use of color. Despite the personal struggles that Van Gogh faced, he managed to produce some of his most popular paintings in just under three years and pioneered specific techniques and movements that created powerful pieces. As a world renowned artist who is known for his involvement in paving the way to modern art, this is truly a one-of-a-kind pop-up that you’ll want to experience while it’s in town.

Once parked, make your way over to The Starry Night Pavilion located in the parking lot near The BFLO Store. Have your pre-purchased ticket loaded and ready to scan, and be sure to have a mask with you, as that is required to be worn during the entire experience.

When you first walk in, hanging frames and towering projection boards reflect the history of Van Gogh and some of his work, in addition to famous quotes from the artist. The floating frames, I believe, are meant to signify the paintings jumping out of the frame and being projected onto the walls cloaked in vivid colors and shapes. Here, you can spend as much time as you’d like reading and learning about Van Gogh before moving on to the next space.

As you enter the second room, you’ll begin to witness some of the wrapped walls of moving colors that seem to dance and swivel around your feet and in front of your eyes along the wall. Take it all in, absorbing the colors and motion. When you’re ready, you can enter the spectacular main room.

In the primary area, the immersive experience puts you quite literally inside of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous work, including Starry Night. It not only envelopes you within this projected painting, but you can actually watch it move and take shape, gawking all around as the painting develops, through brush strokes and fantastic motion, into the prominent work of art it is today. It’s as if Van Gogh was painting right in front of you. Whether it’s moving flowers twirling and sinking, evolving landscapes, portraits coming to life, or the bright blue backdrop of Starry Night taking over the entire room, it truly feels like you are the center of it all as you watch things fade, appear, and morph into new projections, with voiceovers and soft delicate music to compliment the experience. 

Once you’ve taken it all in, as is customary, you can exit through the gift shop. Here, you can buy pieces that reflect Van Gogh and his art to have a keepsake of this special memory.

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience will be in Buffalo until October 3rd at the Eastern Hills Mall and it’s one that cannot be missed!

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Beyond Van Gogh Buffalo, Eastern Hills Mall 4545 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221 / Instagram