Rick Steves Podcast Explores All Things Buffalo

By Karen Fashana

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Rick Steves is to travel as George Washington is to history. A founding father, if you will, on popularizing travel and empowering people to explore the world. You’ve probably flipped through the pages of one of his best-selling guidebooks, stumbled upon his public television show or maybe you even ventured out on one of his European tours. As coronavirus puts travel on hold for people, Rick reminds us that it’s more important than ever to keep learning about the world so travel writer and Buffalo ex-pat, Dave Seminara, gives Rick a quick lesson on Buffalo during the latest airing of the “Travel with Rick Steves” radio show.

Photo by Christopher Behrend

“Buffalo’s been spiffing up lately and Dave makes a good case that it’s worth a look,” Rick says.

Dave educates Rick on all of Buffalo’s treasures from cheap eats at the West Side Bazaar to rock climbing at Buffalo RiverWorks to the only-in-Buffalo experience that had Rick saying, “Wait a minute. You’re drinking some Polish fire water out of a bowling ball?

Listen in on the full 15-minute segment below (jump to the 13:58 mark)!

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Karen Fashana

Lifelong Buffalonian with a crazy passion for this city. My job as the Vice President of Marketing at Visit Buffalo Niagara is a match made in heaven. Go Bills!