Plentiful Poinsettias at the Botanical Gardens

By Katie Krawczyk

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Tis the season in Western New York, and with this joyful season comes many things to see, do and experience. During a time of year when the hustle and bustle can get a bit overwhelming, the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens’ Poinsettia and Gardens After Dark exhibits might be just the thing to help you slow down and take in the gloriousness of the season.

In a word, the displays throughout the Botanical Gardens are delightful. It’s a feast for many senses, not just the eyes. The poinsettias are fixtures in every House, and there is no shortage of additional whimsical holiday décor to accompany the featured plant. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes—from traditional red, to white, pink, peach, and the unique Winter Rose—keeps the Gardens lush and full of cheerful life. While in years past the Western New York Garden Railway Society had model train set-ups on display, they’ve taken a year off in 2023 to make way for even more poinsettias to be showcased and special classes to be held such as the Conifer Wreath Workshop (Dec. 2, 2023) and Winter Floral Arrangement Make-It, Take-It (Dec. 21, 2023). You can take in the in full poinsettia exhibit titled “Dimensions” from Saturday, November 18, 2023 to January 1, 2024.

In addition to the daytime poinsettia exhibit, the Gardens are holding a special Gardens After Dark: Dimensions event on certain dates in November and December. Experience the charm of this magical time of year and enjoy the tropical Botanical Gardens and poinsettia collection, which will be a spectacular sight after dark. Gardens After Dark exhibit focuses on connecting people to the natural world in a new way and in a new light-literally! The Botanical Gardens will be filled with colorful and soft lighting to enhance and showcase the mesmerizing plant collection and the beautiful historic landmark that is the Botanical Gardens building.


The Gardens are a sanctuary of sorts, offering a very tranquil setting for its visitors. And, for those who need a break from the cold, the Gardens offers a warm setting for its Florida Everglades, Panama Cloud Forest, Tropical Plant, and newer Aquatic Garden and Asian Rainforest houses. Whether you’re looking for a breath of fresh, holiday air, or taking a breather just for yourself, the Botanical Gardens is the perfect escape from the everyday, holiday or winter-day madness.

Watch our friends Billy + Pat as they spend a day shopping at nearby Woyshner’s Christmas Shoppe followed by a wander through the poinsettia exhibit at the Botanical Gardens:

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Katie Krawczyk