Overwinter Brings Top-Quality Coffee to the Elmwood Village

By Shira Jacobson

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Picture this: It’s the beginning of April, and we’re shoveling snow from our cars at 7am because Buffalo got hit with one of its late-season snowstorms overnight.  

“Wow, I’m seriously over winter,” we all collectively say around the city, even though it’s technically supposed to be Spring, but we know better. We’ve all been there. And that’s why with such a perfectly relatable name, it’s easy to see why Overwinter is one of Buffalo’s leading local coffee shops. Okay, that’s not actually why – their coffee is delicious.  

Overwinter began in downtown Buffalo, where their first location still stands strong. They started with the goal of bringing more delicious, locally roasted coffee to Buffalo. The quality of Overwinter’s coffee is undeniable, and it’s no surprise that this coffee shop has now grown into two more locations around the city, one of them being in my very own neighborhood: the Elmwood Village. 

Overwinter’s Elmwood location is their second location and a prime spot in the Elmwood Village right across from The Lexington Co-Op. Situated in a classic Buffalo-style duplex, the building is hard to miss with its soft pink exterior and a sign out front that often displays a funny coffee-related joke or employee-drawn cartoon.  

While they do offer a few flavored options, such as a house made orange syrup and a house made vanilla syrup (and they also have a house made chocolate sauce for their delectable mochas), this isn’t the place you go for a sugary frappe or a giant breakfast sandwich. Overwinter is for the purists who are looking for quality. Their menu is small and more bare bones, because every coffee drink is carefully crafted with perfectly pulled espresso shots. They also steep their house made chai for hours in the store, and this intoxicating aroma fills your senses every time you step into the shop.  

For seating, there are a few small tables in the main area by the counter and a very cozy seating area in a sunroom overlooking Elmwood Avenue. You can get your drink in a ceramic mug if you’re planning to stay and sip your drink on the couch in this comforting spot. And while you’re at it, grab a small local baked good or cookie from their assorted offerings to pair with the dynamic flavors of some of Buffalo’s finest coffee.  

Overwinter’s Elmwood location is open from 8am-4pm every day of the week, and they also sell bags of their various coffee beans so you can have your Overwinter coffee fix at home, too. 

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Overwinter Elmwood Village, 814 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo
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