Outdoor Adventure Awaits at Lakeside Bike Park

By Drew Brown

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In recent years, Buffalo has become a city transformed for cycling in all forms; urban, road, or trail. The relatively flat terrain, beautiful sights, and 100+ miles of dedicated bike lanes are just the start. With programs like Reddy Bikeshare, advocacy groups like GObike Buffalo, bike events like Slow Roll, and tours by Explore Buffalo and Buffalo Bike Tours, biking Buffalo is becoming one of the best ways to get around town.

Today, Buffalo even has its own waterfront park dedicated entirely to the adventurous biker. Meet, Lakeside Bike Park. Located on the Buffalo Outer Harbor, about one mile south of Wilkeson Pointe near the Bell Slip, Lakeside Bike Park opened to the public in 2019. This 20-acre plot of prime waterfront real estate has been restored and transformed by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation into a five-track biking destination for riders of all ages, skill levels and terrain preferences.

When you arrive, you’re immediately greeted by the two asphalt bike tracks. These include the Pump Track, a circuit of banked turns that are meant to be ridden while pumping your bike. The second asphalt track is the Tot Track. This is the perfect introductory course for the little ones that have finally wrenched off the training wheels. This loop within a loop beginners track features a small pump track within a larger perimeter track that is filled with pipe tunnels, banked turns, dips and inclines.

Making your way beyond the asphalt tracks, you’ll find three more tracks dedicated entirely to mountain bikers. Typically, to find mountain biking in Buffalo area meant trekking down to Southern Erie County or the Southern Tier to hit up trails at Sprague Brook or in Ellicottville. But no more! And couldn’t bring your own bike? Don’t worry, as rentals are available for $15 for one hour or $24 for four hours.

The mountain biking trails of Lakeside Bike Park feature tracks of progressing difficulty. Track One (.33 miles), cutting through the Pollinator Meadow and restored natural habitats, features banked trails and wooden ramps and boardwalks. Track Two (.34 miles) carves through rocky deposits with a climb to a roundabout that drops down to incredible views of Lake Erie. This track features skinnies and balance obstacles made from reclaimed docks and piers. Track Three (.34 miles) is narrow and winding, featuring banked reverse curves dropping into a set of tabletop balance obstacles.

When you need to take a break, simply stand tall and let the cooling breeze coming off of Lake Erie provide all the refreshment you need. But if you’re looking for a bit more, the Lakeside Bike Park snack kiosk is open Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

Thankfully, Lakeside Bike Park also features a bike wash to get your ride sparkling clean before loading it back onto your car.

 Lakeside Bike Park, 825 Fuhrmann Blvd, Buffalo, NY
buffalowaterfront.com / Open dawn to dusk
Rentals & refreshments available

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