A One-of-a-Kind Collection at the Pierce-Arrow Museum

By Karen Fashana

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Motorhead or not, the Buffalo Transportation/Pierce-Arrow Museum is ridiculously cool!  Be it standing next to a 1918 Pierce Arrow, a 1964 apple red custom Corvette or envisioning a ride with the top down in their 1948 Playboy, there’s just something about the allure of a beautiful automobile.  In fact owners, Jim and Mary Ann Sandoro, have plenty of those for you to gawk over.

But the Museum is about to get even cooler thanks to its roll out of a vintage bike collection, rich with Western New York history.  Believe it or not, the museum boasts 10 highly-coveted bicycles from former premier & local bicycle manufacturer, George N. Pierce Company!  The highlights of this two-wheeled collection are endless, with 60 bicycles dating back from the 1860s-1920s.  The oldest of which is a Civil War-era “Bone Shaker” bicycle (sounds like I’d need an extra thick bike seat for that one!)

Ok so let’s see – automobiles, bicycles, what else are we missing? Ah yes, the Frank Lloyd Wright Filling Station. Designed in the 1920s, the filling station was planned for a Buffalo oil company, but was never built. Today, this posthumously design of legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, stands as a separate exhibit inside the Museum.

So, there you have it! Pay a visit to the Buffalo Transportation / Pierce-Arrow Museum any Thursday to Sunday to experience this one-of-a-kind/only-in-Buffalo collection.

Photo by Rhea Anna

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