Event, registration<br> and local information <br>assistance
Let us help with<br>events for your <br>delegates!

Services & Planning Tools

Once you’ve booked your Buffalo meeting, you can depend on the personal service and hospitality that keeps groups coming back to the City of Good Neighbors. We offer:

Promotional Materials

Need to inspire potential attendees? We’ll send you links to Buffalo promotional videos, photos, a customizable brochure, panel cards listing the top reasons to meet in Buffalo and Buffalo chicken wing recipe cards – all for free. Your attendees can also start planning their free time activities using our Trip Planner!

Convention Planning

We’re here to offer suggestions on  coordinating special tours, theme parties,  entertainment, speakers, technological assistance and anything else that will make your meeting memorable.

Registration Assistance

When it comes down to the big day, we’ve got you covered. Our staff can assist in welcoming, registering and providing important information to your attendees. Contact your C0nvention Services Manager, Karen Cox, for pricing and guidelines.

Brochures & Collateral

Our annual touring guide, a calendar of events and downtown Buffalo maps are complimentary. Carrying bags and embroidered Buffalo stickers are available for a minimal fee. Contact our services staff for a full list of no-cost and low-cost items.

Public Relations & Social Media

Our marketing department can advise on  how your event could spark media coverage and gain traction on social media.

Contact Us

Contact Convention Services Manager, Karen Cox, for assistance.