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Buffalo Niagara
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Downtown Buffalo

Meeting FAQ

How many square feet of exhibit space does the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center have?

The 110,000 square foot Buffalo Niagara Convention Center provides 64,000 square feet of column free exhibit space.

How many meeting rooms does the Convention Center have?

The center has 21 rooms of varying, flexible capacities.

What is the largest downtown hotel? How many rooms? Meeting space?

The Buffalo Grand Hotel has 486 guest rooms and 72,000 square feet of meeting space.

How many hotels rooms are within walking distance to the Convention Center?

There are more than 1000 total rooms within walking distance of the Convention Center and over 10,000 rooms in the greater Buffalo area.

What is the peak room capacity for a citywide?

The downtown core can accommodate up to 1,000 rooms on peak.

What is the distance from the airport to downtown?

The airport is just a 10-mile, 15-minute from downtown and the majority of our hotels.

What are the options and costs for getting from the airport to downtown?

How many restaurants are in downtown Buffalo?

There are over 100 restaurants in Buffalo’s central business district, from fine Italian and French eateries to brewpubs and the original home of the Buffalo-style chicken wing. Buffalo has restaurants to please every palate!

What is the hotel tax in Buffalo?



What is the average monthly temperature in Buffalo?

High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C
31 19 Jan 0 -8 80 62 Jul 27 17
33 19 Feb 1 -7 78 61 Aug 26 16
42 26 Mar 6 -3 71 53 Sep 22 12
55 37 Apr 13 3 59 43 Oct 15 6
67 47 May 19 9 48 34 Nov 9 1
75 57 Jun 24 14 36 24 Dec 2 -4
Source: www.currentresults.com